How can we tell you're the right filmmaker for our wedding? If your wedding is full of love (which it should be right!?), if you value creativity, have an eye for detail & don't mind straying from the traditional, then we'll be a perfect match. We want to create something different, unique & personalised with each wedding film. So if you're any of these things I'm sure that we can create something exciting. 

Where are you based? We are based in Perth, WA.

What do you use? We shoot our films with the latest & greatest professional gear from Panasonic. We also use a range of cinematic tools to greatly increase the production value of our films (tripods,  stabilisers). We carefully edit the final product in Final Cut Pro. We also offer Drone Cinematography on request.

Is it just you? I have a second shooter with me for the entire day, many parts require double angles especially the ceremony & reception. 

How do we book? I respond to emails sent to, couples usually book 12 months in advance but we take super late notice if we're free! Our busiest seasons are February-May & September-December.