I believe in marriage, I'm married myself. There's something truly significant about two people coming together & vowing to stick by each other's side forever.  A wedding is symbolic of this union & is day one for a lifetime together. I have been capturing weddings for seven years now & to see the emotions that come up on a wedding day still hits me anew every time. The parent's grief but joy to let go & see their son or daughter move forward in life or the grooms face which goes from anticipation to pure joy as he sees his bride for the first time. All of these moments & so much more are worth capturing & preserving. My passion for filmmaking has lead me to create wedding films that not only document the day itself but bring all of the emotion, joy & tears back time & time again. I get joy out of hearing feedback from a couple that their wedding trailer or film has done this for them & it's great to know that decades from now younger generations will get to see & appreciate their parents or even grandparents union in a way that they wouldn't normally be able to.

-Matthew Bettinaglio.